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«The secret to be a "number one"? To have always ready a new product, never stop, continue to innovate». So Alberto Cristina, CEO of CRS S.p.A., summed up in his interview to "Capital Numbers#1" (recently broadcasted) the spirit of our company. An exemplary story of a company born in the cultural and local tradition of the district of Orta Lake and grown to become one of the largest players in the industry with international success, reporting a significant turnover from foreign markets. The challenge with the crisis? We can tell it has been won through a careful commercial policy: "We are a company that sells solutions not conditions. We provide a service to 360°, trying to satisfy the desires of the customer, whoever is". Regarding future goals, "we are exploring new markets such as China, and especially United States and Australia". Besides the interview, Alberto Cristina is one of the protagonist of the volume published by "Capital" about "100 numbers 1 in Italy" dedicated to leading companies in our country.
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