The new illuminated showerheads in the Inox Collection

The new PD330 - PD331 - PD335 Showerheads, designed by Alessandra Bertini - Phicubo, represent a valuable addition to the series of illuminated showerheads in the Inox Collection. Thanks to the attention to detail and the choice of materials, they offer a unique and engaging shower experience.

Inspired by the astonishing effects created by the interplay of light and water in fountains, these showerheads have been designed to pleasantly surprise. The use of stainless steel, a high-performance and high-quality material, fully enhances their sleek and minimalist forms, giving them a sophisticated contemporary look. They are versatile as they can be installed on both the ceiling and the wall, adapting to the needs and style of any bathroom. Equipped with LED lighting, they are available in three versions that combine different types of water jets: rain, waterfall, and mist.

Showerheads with lighting
CRISTINA Brera Showroom as a planning scenery

Designed by the Elisa Ossino Studio for CRISTINA Rubinetterie, the Milan flagship store of via Pontaccio features an experiential approach to the discovery of new waterways.

When entering the showroom, launched only a couple of months ago, the new appears powerfully, establishing an immediate and open communication with the visitor with a high degree of expressiveness. The idea proposed by Elisa Ossino, entrusted with the renovation of interior space (200 sq. m. on two floors in the heart of Brera), was first and foremost focused on the display mode, whereby the tap, viewed as an object, was to be perceived not only from the point of view of materials or aesthetics but especially for the functionality that is implicit in the different flow of the "water matter." Hence the idea of breaking down an aseptic exhibition in favour of an emotional approach is provided primarily by the visitor's interaction with functioning elements. 


CRISTINA Brera Showroom
Displayed in the CRISTINA Brera Showroom
Displayed in the CRISTINA Brera Showroom
Discover Product Novelties 2023

New products

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Fractal, design Soo K. Chan, has won the prestigious German Design Award 2023 in the Bath & Wellness category with the special mention for "Excellent Product Design". 

The prize, awarded by an international jury is recognized to projects that make pioneering contributions and is aimed at supporting industry and brands that generate value through aesthetic innovation. 

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From Yellow to… Green! News 2022

Aware that sustainability means protecting the territory and caring for future generations, CRISTINA Rubinetterie, far from mere green washing, is implementing a series of initiatives in which the company is increasingly committed to the ecological transition process. The company claim “From Yellow to... Green!” is becoming more and more a firm ethical awareness and consequent concrete action.

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Add Water catalogue update - The states of water

September is the month of restarts and big news. CRISTINA Rubinetterie presents the Add Water catalogue renewed in graphics and updated in content.

Fractal, design Soo K. Chan along with Shower Column XT486, design Naomi Hasuike and new Showerheads with lighting are the new 2022 product highlights.

For graphics, on the other hand, spectacular black-and-white photographs of waves leave space for the concept: the states of water.

Tree images describe the states in which we can find water in nature, and delicate graphics in white stylize these states: rain, fog, clouds, and snow are some of them.

Discover all the new products by browsing the Add Water catalogue available at

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  • Snow
  • Ice
  • Clouds
  • Fog
  • Rain
New and renewed showroom dedicated to all the company products

CRISTINA Rubinetterie presents the renewed exhibition space dedicated to the collections located in the headquarter of via Fava in Gozzano.

Divided into three thematic areas corresponding to as many separate spaces that dialogue with each other and with the visitors, a path and an aesthetic and technical content has been created.

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Stand International Bathroom Exhibition 2022 - A fresh look

The International Bathroom Exhibition 2022 ended with a positive result, many attendance recorded during the six-day event.

We are pleased to share the video of the CRISTINA Rubinetterie stand created on a concept by Elisa Ossino Studio.

  • The Showroom
  • The Showroom
  • The Showroom
  • The Agorà
  • The Agorà
  • The Agorà
  • The Technical Gallery
  • The Technical Gallery
  • The Technical Gallery
CRISTINA Rubinetterie Behind the scenes

Industrial expertise meets artisan know-how – these are pillars on which the company was formed. Born and raised on Lake Orta, the “taps district,” continual development and technical advancement lie at the heart of this storied company.


The logo, with its shape, colour and symbol is the identification card of the brand. It holds and conveys the ideas and values of founder Ezio Cristina; it tells the story of the company, identifies its mission and embodies its entrepreneurial vision.


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Our products


Made in Italy, the pride of a company born and developed in the Taps District, where in-house know-how is cultivated and refined every single day.


With over 40 years' experience in design and production, SILFRA has become the undisputed leader in the field of both bathtub and shower drains and electronic and push taps. SILFRA was acquired by CRISTINA in the 1980s.

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