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Bellucci Mazzoni Progetti

Bellucci Mazzoni Progetti is the new brand of the two designers who were previously known as BMB Progetti. Founded in 2012 by designers Guido Bellucci and Francesco Mazzoni is a team of professionals focused on interior and industrial design. Everything around us is designed and studied by humans to spend our daily lives in the most comfortable and pleasant way possible, and a good project is the result of three overlapping factors: imagination, innovation, and culture.

Guido Bellucci was born in Siena in 1986. After specialising in Construction, he continued his studies at the Faculty of Architecture in Florence, choosing the Industrial Design Degree Course and graduating with top marks in Interior Design. He then took various post-graduate courses and worked in several architecture studios. Currently, he is a designer and freelance professional, working on design, graphics, and interior design. He lives in Siena where he works and collaborates with various Italian and foreign companies.

Francesco Mazzoni lives and works in Siena. He has always loved drawing since he was a child, and over time he has become a planner, a student, a caregiver. So who is he? A graphic artist, a designer, a planner, who loves colour combinations, shapes, and the warmth of details. His professional path began and developed in architecture; as a construction expert, he collaborated with local architects, ranging from graphics. Then came Design, a breath of fresh air that finally allowed him to give life to all his creativity.