Oriented towards the conception and development of innovative solutions, with the aim of meeting the product quality requirements of international customers, the CRISTINA Design Lab has made a decisive contribution to the company's growth and its role as a pioneer of innovation and trends. Since the very beginning, in fact, CRISTINA has distinguished itself on the market for being a pioneer of innovation: it was among the first European companies to introduce, in 1968, the thermostatic mixer and to propose a range of 100 surface colours, with the opening of departments dedicated to painting and electroplating, thus revolutionising the sector. 

For CRISTINA, the search for quality is a strategic objective that sees it engaged not only in design but also in the search for ecological raw materials, such as stainless steel guaranteed by the Centro Inox quality mark, with high technical performance and able to resist over time, while maintaining a high aesthetic level. Moreover, the CRISTINA Design Lab actively collaborates with the designers involved in the research and design of technological solutions and cutting-edge products.