- Tue, 27 August 2019

Tabula by Angeletti Ruzza design

Contemporary minimalism

“The essence of form and the essence of life are interconnected. Subtract to purify, to free yourself of that which only seems to satisfy but which in reality weighs down and conditions. Tabula, a new collection of taps and fittings, embodies the strength and intelligence of simplicity. Designed down to the smallest detail and crafted to function
and last over time, it is the product of the manufacturing precision and technological expertise of CRISTINA rubinetterie”. Angeletti Ruzza design

From the creative minds at Angeletti Ruzza design, the new Tabula collection for CRISTINA rubinetterie won’t go unnoticed. This series of select, high-quality products radiates rigorous, essential design as it expands the options of the Contemporary Lines. An angular body, defined by a clean, decisive profile, is the result of a skilled stylistic exercise in subtraction, where every unnecessary element has been stripped away to concentrate on the pure essence of form.
The large, lever-like handle, with robust dimensions balanced by a thin profile, is the result of a study on detail and proportion, perfectly combining aesthetics and practicality. Like a precious jewel, Tabula enriches the space around it thanks to its brilliant, timeless elegance. This new collection lends itself easily to contemporary bathrooms, in residential or contract contexts. Through its functional design, it satisfies the needs of an international clientele that demands exclusive quality, beauty and made-in-Italy luxury.

The result of the constant and extraordinary know-how that has made CRISTINA rubinetterie a key industry player, Tabula collection pieces (elements for sinks, bathtubs, showers and bidets) are made of brass and feature different finishes, providing a unified, coherent look for any space.

  • Tabula by Angeletti Ruzza design